Flying over fog at William O’Brian State Park

August can bring hot days and cool nights, which produce morning fog. Friend and colleague, Jon Smithers joined me with his drone at William O’Brian State Park. I had first scouted out this location via Google Earth, and Jon and I had photographed from his drone twice previous to this outing, so we knew exactly where we wanted to go in order to get the fingers of islands spreading below us, and the point of the Wisonsin bluffs coming in from the right. The morning could not have been better, with a thick blanket of fog over the river, clear overhead, and no wind. This image is composited from several captures across and two rows up and down. This not only gives a very wide angle of view, but also raises the resolution, so the final image may be enlarged to 60 inches wide and still remain very crisp.

About the Author:
Craig Blacklock is a fine art landscape photographer specializing in the interface of water and land. He has Blacklock Photography Galleries in Moose Lake, MN and within Waters of Superior, in Duluth's Canal Park.

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