The books are printed!

After more than two years of photography and months of editing, the books are now printed. I color checked 78 forms over the course of 113 hours straight with cat naps between forms! The printers at Friesens, did a tremendous job of matching the color proofs I’d made. I only had to ask for very minor corrections on press. By far the best press experience I’ve had, and I’ve been doing this since 1976. The pages will be shipped to Roswell Boookbinding where they will be bound and we should have final copies available in April.


Night pressman checking ink densities on a double page spread of the large editions (Museum and Signature Editions).


I’m comparing the color of the press sheet to the Epson print I made as a guide to color.

About the Author:
Craig Blacklock is a fine art landscape photographer specializing in the interface of water and land. He has Blacklock Photography Galleries in Moose Lake, MN and within Waters of Superior, in Duluth's Canal Park.

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