MISA — Madeline Island School of the Arts, 8/19/2019 through  8/23/2019 CANCELLED. 

I’m very sorry to say that not enough people are signing up for photography workshops to allow them to run. This is an industry-wide issue for all venues and photography instructors. YouTube videos and phone cameras seem to have driven a nail into the coffin of in-person instruction. This is very sad, as some of the best learning takes place as participants learn from the group experience and group critiques, which are missing from on-line instruction. I’ve also found that fewer and fewer participants are willing to put in the work to create high quality photographs.  Now, people pull out the phone and post snapshot on Instagram, then move on. For most people, creating fine art photography seems have become a thing of the past.


This is what I normally do at a MISA workshop:

On Madeline Island in the famed Apostle Islands on Superior’s South Shore. Many of the photographs in my book, Apostle Islands — From Land and Sea were made on Madeline Island. We canoe in the lagoon, explore exotic plants on the bog edge, get up early to catch the first light on sandstone cliffs, and take a boat tour out to Devil’s Island to photograph the sea caves (We are on a big boat. We do not enter the caves, but still get spectacular photos).  I’ve taught many many years at MISA, and know the forest and waterways well. This year I will be emphasizing creating images that match your visual memory, immersing you in the image. Some knowledge of Photoshop is required.

These photographs are all locations we will go to make our photographs during the workshop on either Madeline or Devils Islands. All but two were made during MISA workshops.

Devils Island sea caves made during a MISA workshop.

“I highly recommend Craig’s workshop at MISA. My week-long adventure with you was inspirational, educational and life-changing when it comes to my photographic journey. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.” — Jon Okerstrom

Oak leaves and refraction lines in Lake Superior. Big Bay State Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

“If anyone I know is looking for a photo workshop. I learned more from a week with Craig than I did in years of art school. — Seriously, I had three GREAT teachers: Craig BlacklockJay Reiter, and John Barnier.”  — Kathy Easthagen

Spiderwebs in lagoon.

“One of the best photographic experiences of my life, so far! Any photographer that has a chance to learn in this setting from Craig Blacklock will have an awesome experience!” — Jim Sinclair

One of my favorite places to take the class at sunrise on Madeline Island.

Lagoon at Big Bay Town Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

Devils Island at sunset.

Devils Island at sunset.

Red Pines, Big Bay Town Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

Bog-edged lagoon in Big Bay Town Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

Lagoon at Big Bay Town Park, Madeline Island.

Lagoon at Big Bay Town Park, Madeline Island, Wisconsin.